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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yoo Who Yahoo

Yahoo is a wonderful thing.... I got to IM with my sweetie from Iraq this morning. The time difference is about 8 hours, so when its time for me to get up, he's just getting off work. They have free internet access at their patrol base, but only 30 min to use it at a time and usually have to stand in line for the net and the phones. But having him wake me up with the "bling, bling, bling" of my Yahoo messenger is the highlight of my day. I was off to the Dr today for a check up. I started itching about a week after he left to go back to Iraq. He was home for 15 days the end of July. My shoulders started first. Just itching like I had dry skin, and when I scratched it, little bumps like Mosquito bites would come up. If I quit scratching the bumps would go away. The Dr. thinks it's nerves. He gave me an antihistamine and some steriods to help clear it up. Hopefully that will work. After that I was off to the PX, or Post Exchange... for a few things that I needed. I got some hose attachments and a sprinkler for our yard. Maybe its kinda mean, but we are right on the corner where the kids wait for the bus in the morning. Well, they stand in our yard and throw their trash all over while waiting for the bus. It's an aggravation I could do without, so I figure a sprinkler will keep them off my lawn at least. Then I went to the Commisary and picked up a few groceries. I forgot my list, so I will have to go back tomorrow or the next day... oh well. All and all its been a pretty good day, I can't complain. Hope to tell my sweetie all about it in the morning... till next time....


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