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Friday, August 26, 2005

My rant on a local Bulletin board this week....

In Cindy Sheehan's opinion they are dying in vain. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even you and me. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you have to attack her as a person. The The President and his advisors are not our troops, and I for one will question what they do if it puts the life of someone I love in harms way. They are not dictators, they answer to us, not the other way around. As a nation we need to ensure that they are doing what is right for our country, we should be their top priority. You can support the troops and not support the Presidents decision to send them there. You speak of Russia... should we go there next? And start a war with their government until they become a democratic country. What about China, we can't go to Russia with out going to China. Oh, and then there's Africa, do we go there when we're done with Russia and China? Where does it end?Oh, I was glued to the TV on September 11th just like everyone else was. And if you think that the war in Iraq and September 11th go hand in hand... then hun, you need to do some more research. The President did lie to us about the reasons for going to war... have you read the Downing Street Memos? http://www.timesonline.co.uk/articl...1593607,00.html I agree 2inarmy, that we are there now, and we need to deal with what we created over there. But the powers that be need to be held accountable if they had anything other then honorable intentions when they sent our boys over. Every day we are there, the Iraqi people view us more and more as occupiers. Some of them will hate us no matter what we do. We turned their world upside down. I agree with you too ProudArmyMom, that the nation should come together to support the troops, but again, just cause you don't agree with the war, doesn't mean that you don't support the guys that are sent to fight it. This isn't the same as Vietnam, and I don't think we should lump the 2 stances togther. I know quite a few Soldiers that don't think we should be over there. But it's their job, thats what they signed up for, so they go and fight. We do owe our freedom to those who have died before, but that has nothing to do with this war. Our soldiers are honorably doing their duty and their job.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Proud3rdIDwife said...

You know, this group allowed you to become a member of it, because you have a member related to it. If you do not like the group, you do not have to stay a member. It's really rude to have a direct rebuttal to a conversation that was on another site, to where noone can defend theirselves. There are over 100,000 troops in Iraq. A majority of them believe in what that their doing over there, more than a majority. If you look up comments that Cindy Sheehan has made, you can see why that some people who believe in this war, would be upset.
On that site that you are referring too, tons of friends have been made there. It is a support site, to come on and deliberately try to cause drama, is just rude. Then to make your case on your blog site instead of on the site, is just beyond words to me. I'm sure the ladies names that you have mentioned would feel the same way.

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