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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another day in the neighborhood

I slept in a lil to late today. Kevin didn't get online and I think my brain just shuts off, and keeps me asleep cause if I'm unconscience I can't worry. It's never a good thing when he doesn't get online. It usually means that there has been a serious injury or death in their Unit. Every now and then its just the Net going down. It was weird when he first left..... I would freak out so bad when I didn't hear from him by 10 am. I got so used to him being online every morning. Our neighbor has 4 dogs, they bark like mad when there's someone they don't recognize on our street. If I heard those dogs barking, I would sit in bed scared out of my mind it was the guys in Uniform coming to give me bad news. I guess you learn to get used to things. It's crazy how our brains do that. Now I sleep in when he's not able to get online and I keep myself busy if I can so I don't think about it so much. I was on here earlier today and heard the neighbor wrestling with her lawn mower. They have demon grass and it gets really really thick if its not mowed like twice a week. We just got a riding mower (thank the lord) so I went and did her back yard for her. We owe them so much more then we could ever repay. They took care of Kevin's Dog and house while he was in Cali before we got married. 6 weeks in the dead of summer they mowed his grass. How many people have neighbors like that? I did get a lil laundry done and then went off to see a Movie... The Dukes of Hazard.... I will have to write about that one tomorrow... it's a novel in the making for sure. Came home, had some dinner and then back on here. I created a blog for my Sweet Husband on here. I put a link to it on here so people that want can check it out. Its just the letters that he's emailed to me and the rest of the family since he's been gone. I hope I can get him to use it, maybe he can vent some frustrations there. Well, off to bed with me.... till next time....


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